20+ Best Funny New Year Poems 2022 for Everyone

20+ Best Funny New Year Poems 2022 – As new year is about to arrive there are bundle of ideas to make your new year very special and memorable.  Most of the people believe that as happy you stay on the new year, the happier entire year you will get.  Don’t you think you must try to make your new year funny and enjoyable? New year poems will be the best option to bring a sweet big smile on everybody’s face. So, don’t forget to use collection of our best funny new year poems.

Poems are to convey the idea in an amazing language of emotions. It is actually an image of feelings of that writer feels regarding the other person. Poems are also the idea or thought about the object. Poetry communicates feelings, signs and symbols of love and happiness. Poems are the real wisdom of words and real observation of human life as well as the society. Send your loved one our best happy new year poems and let them laugh even harder on new year eve. Send your loved one our best funny new year poems and make their new year eve very special.

Best funny new year poems

Funny New Year Poems

1.Writing you in state of shock,

Can you see the tick-tock of clock?

Coming, uncompromisingly, evolving,

Another amazing new year; could it be?

 2.You must hold the blur of time,

You know why? Because it means that I am

Very busy to deal with happiness, joy and pleasure

To grieve the passing times’ instantaneous flight.

3.We all hope for contentment,

Self-actualization, harmony and much more,

A sunnier and improved new year than

We had never before.

5.No need to be a sad one,

Try to be a better one,

We can make this year better,

Let’s try just be together.

6.When the doorbells ring and the alarms blow,

Do you ever see a couple warmly kissing?

Will you be with me or will I be waiting?

Happy New Year 2022!

7.Whose arms you will hold tight;

When I will hear the new year clock strike.

This year, I wan to hug you tight.

Let’s celebrate the new year night.

8.Let’s have a new year toast,

For a happy and beautiful year,

Stay conscious and aware,

Be loyal and be fear.

9.Stop picking up nose,

Keep on washing dirty clothes

Stop eating useless food,

On coming year be a good dude!

10.Vanish your all fears,

Want to whisper in your ear,

Never ever have a tear,

Wish you a happy new year.

11.Once in a year, you get a chance for thanks giving,

Families deicide to have gathering,

In order to say thanks to people who, embrace dear,

New year is celebrated with a lot of fun, food and laughter.

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Best Funny New Year Poems

12.Lets start new year with fresh minds and thoughts,

You better have motivations and optimistic thoughts,

A new year with new courage,

New year with a lot of hope and confidence,

Wish you a very happy new year with a lot of happiness and politeness.

13.New year songs are being played,

Be generous and be kind,

No more laziness and no more wine,

I want you to be only mine.

Happy New year to you!

14.I am on the ladder,

I don’t want more fights,

Mummy is going to make cookies,

I will share it with my buddies,

Happiness is all over the town,

Santa will soon come down.

Wishing you a happy new year!

15.Mama is packaging,

Why you people are fighting?

Want to see you happy and cheering,

Get ready for new year celebration.

16.No more promises, no more sighs,

Be confident and be bright,

No more stupidity, no more fight,

Wishing you happy new year night!

17.I want to be a candle,

Brighten the life of everyone,

I also want to be a lemon,

Sour in taste but good when cooked,

Wishing you happy new year!

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18.Everybody is wrapping the gifts,

And you are baking the biscuits,

What you want to be in coming new year?

Please be good and be fair,

Fair and humble with everyone,

Be a good companion to people around,

Happy New Year!

19.Want to hold your hand tight,

Want to be with you on coming new year night,

Promise you to never fight,

Wishing you a very happy new year night.

20.When raindrops fall on the ground,

When eye drips the blood,

Rips and resists of ground,

When there is no more shine from sunlight,

When there is fire in air,

Same as my soul I state.

Happy new year!

Funny Happy New Year Poems

21.Days of guiltiness and regret are no more,

And the days full of light are about to come,

These days will be full of hope and happiness,

All to need is to fill your mind with optimistic thoughts.

22.Wish you a happy new year to you!

Wishing you a very good new day,

May every year bring joy and surprises,

Every day full of new buffet of happiness,

May the next year be a perfect one.

Have a lot of fun!

23.Wishing you a peaceful new year,

May all of your dreams come true,

I wish you so many loyal friends for you,

May all the bad memories get vanished.

Forget the past and start a new one.

24.A lot of expectations and a lot of inspirations,

Holidays full of glory and excitements,

I wish you see abandoned of everything,

Happiest New Year to Everyone.

25.I want you to do every task with courage and devotion,

Try to reach your divine goals and destinations,

When you are tired and restless; take proper rest,

Fulfill your desires and ambitions,

Be courageous and ambitious.

Happy New Year to you.

26.No one else but only you can change your life,

As your past memories are full of devotion,

I want you to make your year even better,

A year full of excitement and devotion.

 27.Whatever the life is going through,

Always try to keep a big and beautiful smile on your face,

I am looking forward for your good & healthy life.

Wishing you a very happy and blessed life.

28.Another new year is coming,

You better plan for a celebration.

All you need is to come over here,

Let’s spend this year chilling.

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