15+ Interesting Facts About New Year

15+ Interesting Facts About New Year – New year is the time to say good bye to the old year and welcome the new year with a new energy and hope. And it must be celebrated with passionately. Most of the people know this evet as the sign of new blessings. It is also considered as a chance to become a better person. It is the time to make a lot of memories. Skyrocketed celebrations on this blissful day becomes the source of unlimited happiness, joy and memories.

New year is the time when billions of people celebrate by making different resolutions. They also prefer partying. People also kiss their partner at right 12 O’clock when new year begins. Today, we are going to tell you some interesting facts about new year. If you really want to know the interesting facts about new year, then you better read our content and know the unknown.

Facts about New Year

Some Interesting Facts About New Year – You should Know About

Let’s discover some new year facts that people are rejoicing from ages. It is obvious that some of facts are unknown by you. So, we assure you that you will be super surprised to know all these facts. New year facts are basically the real fun fact about new year. 

People celebrate new year all over the world by following different traditions. Find out how different celebrities celebrate new year all over the world.

First New Year Celebration

Do you know when did the first new year celebration took place? Well, the very first new year celebration took place ages ago in 2000 BC. This new year celebration as a tradition was started by Mesopotamians and people are continuing this tradition up till now.

Romans New Year Celebration

Romans celebrate new year eve on 1st March rather than 1st But in spite of Romans, there are also some other cultures in which people celebrate their new year eve as traditions in different seasons like winter and summer.

Romans new year celebration

Black-Eyed Peas – An Interesting Fact About New Year

People of US eat black eye peas because they believe that it brings a lot of good luck for the coming year.

New Year Resolutions

45% of Americans make resolutions for new year. Some of the famous new year resolutions are about losing weight. Mostly people make resolution to save money, quit smoking and drinking and leave company of bad people. They decide to eat healthy and try to become a better person.

New Year Resolution

Statistics of National Insurance Crime Bureau

Statistics of National Insurance Crime Bureau shows that, on new year day vehicles re stolen more than any other day of whole year.

What makes relation Strong on New Year Eve?

It is said that the person you met first on new year eve set the tone for rest of 12 months. If couples are celebrating new year eve together and they didn’t kiss each other their relation may split.

New Year Facts

Breaking Pomegranates is an Interesting Fact About New Year

Greek people breaks pomegranates at their doorsteps because they believe doing this will bring blessings to their homes and lives. Some other countries also do similar tradition to brings happiness and prosperity to their doorsteps.


Eating Green Leafy Veggies – Facts About New Year

People of US, Germany and Italy prefer to eat green leafy veggies and legumes because they believe that this food will bring financial wealth.

Green Leafy Veggies

Estonian Practice on New Year Eve

People of Estonian eat 9 to 12 meals on new year eve because it is their believe that it will bring them so much strength for rest of the year.

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January was Named After God Janus

Month January was named as January because God named Janus was born in this month. The God had two face one looking forward and other back.

God Janus

Belief of Spanish People – One of  The Interesting Facts About New Year

Spanish people believe that eating 12 grapes brings good luck in their life. Eating exactly 12 grapes and making wishes to God is considered a sign of good luck.

Belief of Japanese

Japanese people believe that they will get long life if they eat long noodle on new year eve. So, on new year eve, Japanese cook long noodle and eat as celebration.

Long Noodle

Belief of Denmark People

People of Denmark believe that if they throw dishes at doorstep of other people it will bring a lot of new friends to the person where dishes were thrown.

Belief of Dutch People – Facts About New Year

People of Dutch people putt Christmas tree on fire and do firework on the new year eve. They put Christmas tree on firework to welcome the new year.

New Year Facts

Belief of Greek People

Greek people believe that if they hang onion on their doors, it will bring good luck for the children in the house.

Interesting facts about new year


Eggs as Gift by Persians – Facts About New Year

We know that exchange of gifts is a very old tradition. But if we see the history, Persians used to give eggs as gifts to their loved ones. Because it was considered as the sign of productivity.

New Year Facts

Pork as Compulsory Food – Facts about New Year

People of Portugal, Austria, Hungary and Cuba believe that eating pork will donates success and richness.

New Year facts

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