20+ Happy New Year Poems for Kids 2022

20+ Happy New Year Poems for Kids 2022 – New year holiday is not kid friendly holiday. As we know that new year day is the first day of new year and it includes achievements of the previous year and faith for the coming new year. We all know that new year is celebrated on every 1st of January. There are plenty of ideas with the help of which you can make your kid’s new year night memorable and full of excitement.

You may have to hang up with your kids at home instead of hanging out with friends. There are variety of ways you can spend this time amazingly. You can make a lot of memories at this day with your kids. We present you plenty of happy new year poems for kids, you can select any of your choice for your kids.

New Year Poems for Kids

New Year Poems for kids

1. New year has begun,

Let’s fill it with so much fun,

Make it a better one,

Make some new friends,

Keep parting till the day ends,

Happy New Year 2022.

2. Are you ready to drop the ball?

Make sure all balloons you have pop,

Let’s just celebrate and rock,

Make sure you play whole the day,

Wish you a very happy new year day.

3. I want you high five,

Let’s be happy and unite,

Do not fall and not be tired,

Are you up for new year night?

4. Another year has passed,

Let’s toast a beer glass,

We will be in year,

Be brave and have no fear,

Wishing you a happy new year.

5. A new reason to be happy,

Never run from your duty,

We must never stop trying,

And never be sighing,

I cannot stop celebrating,

Want to see you always smiling.

6. Another year to live in,

One more chance for pardoning,

A new year for keep trying,

Time to give in,

Another year to live in.

7. Rock and roll, rock and roll,

This year never gets trolled,

Be a hero and a fool,

Obey your parent and their rules,

Be a good kid and good girl.

8. Dirt in the crooks,

Dust on the floor,

Mustiness still clingy,

To the openings and doors.

9. Oo my Friend, Oo my Friend!

Quick and strong-

It is now your new Brush, my friend!

See you sweep sparkling.

10. Oo my Fried! Oo my Friend!

It is now a new brush,

Paradise is new housetop,

Ground is your new living hut.

Fold up your shirtsleeves,

You have got a lot to do,

Have look at the mess

You have got what you waited for.

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New Year 2022 Poems for Kids

11. A new year is about to show

Same as flawless region of snow

Be cautious how you step on it

Because every spot will it show.

12. One more year is about to come

Having a lot of good fun and much more

Previous year has gone,

Take a new beginning,

All it has is cheerfulness now,

Pessimism is no more born,

Look for beautiful spring

Make a beautiful image of simplicity

With a hope of new days

Let the old days go away.

13. Whole year is full of excitement,

January, February

Their cold is severe.

March April and May,

Summer is about to come.

June, July, August,

All we get is so much sweat.

September, October, November,

Clouds are to thunder.

Finally, the December,

Wo got so much to remember.

14. New year is about to arrive,

Beautiful memories are about to rise,

Every day will be super cool,

Happy New year to you.

15. Every new year is fun and full of life,

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Let’s not speak anymore lie,

Be a super cool and high,

Happy New Year to beautiful friend of mine.

16. Wish you so much delight,

Every day with new hope and light,

Let’s have no more fight

Be always a super and right.

17. Sending you so much prayers,

Let’s forget all the fear,

Be a nice son this year,

Wishing you a beautiful year.

18. There are thousands of new year rhymes,

That we have said many times,

This year is about to go,

Don’t let your real friends go.

19. Every day will bring a new light,

We sleep with tear at the night,

As new year is about to come,

Try to fight your problems and overcome,

It is a new year night,

Let’s try to spend it right.

20. All the sorrows be forgot,

Try not to bring it to your mind,

Be brave and let go all the fright,

A lot to see and a lot to find,

A New Year is fun with a new mind.

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New Year Wishes for Kids

We are providing you amazing happy new year poems for kids to make your kid’s new year enjoyable and happy. Poems are full of energy and fill the hearts of kids with so much pleasure. Poems put a smile on kids’ faces.

21. New year is about to start,

Happiness is also about to start,

Let’s put everything on lie,

White stars and a beautiful life,

I put all memories on table,

Pray to make this year better.

22. We wish for care, peace and happiness,

Wish you a positive and better year ahead,

Wish you a year full of happiness.

23. May heaven be your house forever,

You have bloomy, beautiful days in summer,

May you be blessed for forever,

My dear Happy New year.

24. Baby Baby!

Be a good baby

Do not eat too much candy,

Never be a naughty baby,

Be a super sweaty baby!

25. Go and get the world,

Go and win the battles,

Fly and defeat the wind,

Cross all the hurdles,

New year coming a head,

Don’t be a sleepy head.

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