15+ New Years Traditions Around The World

15+ New Years Traditions Around The World – New year is such a blessing for everyone to forget the sad moments, bad experiences and bad results that he faced in previous year. Everyone get simply excited to wish his beloved ones the happy new year and celebrate it in a new way. New Years Traditions Around the World are different in different are areas and is celebrated in different ways. Every tradition has its own charm. Every tradition is according to the culture that the people of that area owe

New Years Traditions Around the World are really important for the people of every region. They use to keep revive and celebrate these traditions frequently. New year become a reason to celebrate these traditions whole heartedly. New Years Traditions Around the World are really beautiful and fascinating. They have their own importance and beauty. These traditions could never be left by the nations because their importance cannot be denied.

New Year Traditions

New Year’s Traditions Around The world

  1. In Ireland, it’s a tradition for all the single ones to sleep along with a lathery leaved parasitic plant. It is expected that the women sleeping with such plants will be helped out to find their future life partner. So, this is such a romantic and amazing tradition for single ones.
  2. In country, Germany. On eve of new year, celebrations of happy new year are based on task called lead pouring. This activity is basically all about melting a piece of tin or lead with the help of flames of candle. And then poring this melted piece in cold water. The resulting shape of tin or lead indicates that person’s luck or fate for this whole year that has been started.
  3. In country, Greece. On the eve of new year, the Greeks use to hang the onions on their doors because it’s a myth for them that onions work as the symbol of rebirth. This tradition is common in Greece.
  4. In country, Brazil. On the eve of new year, people of Brazil use to throw white flowers into the ocean. Its common on the new year eve, that ocean looks like full of white flowers or candles. It is celebrated every year as a tradition.
  5. In country, Denmark. A common tradition, observed there to celebrate is Smashing Plates. They think the more trash you sweep; more you will be lucky.
  6. In one region, it is practiced on the eve of new year to eat a dish made by the combination of black-eyed peas, rice and pork along. According to them eating this dish brings prosperity and coins.

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New Year’s Day Traditions

  1. In Brazil, it is also practiced to wear white suit on the eve of new year and believing that it will bring good luck and peace.
  2. It is also practiced in Brazil to head to a beach on the eve of new year and as a result supposing that heading to water will increase your good luck.
  3. In country, Spain. On the eve of new year people use to eat only one grape on every midnight of new month that guarantee them a whole lucky year.
  4. In Denmark, on the eve of new year, people keep standing on chairs until they enter in the January of new year that will bring good luck for them and splashes away all the bad spirits.
  5. Some other countries also follow this tradition. On the eve of new year people keep the doors and windows open so that all the bad luck they face in previous year escape out and good luck enter in.
  6. In Latin America, on the eve of new year people carefully choose color of underwear. It is because they believe doing such things will bring good luck for new year.
  7. People in Puerto Rico, people on the eve of new year believe in sweeping away the bad souls and spirit by dumping a bucket of water out of the window or a door.
  8. In countries, Austria and Germany, on the eve of new year, people practice to gift their beloved ones some specific lucky symbols like chimney sweeps, pigs, clovers and mushrooms as the lucky charms.

New Year’s Traditions

New Years Traditions Around the World are the beautiful part of celebration of new year celebrating the new year in traditional way bring a strange satisfaction in heart. Beginning of new year with the old traditions make a great combination of happiness and pleasure. Most important thing is that the traditions of any nation are unique. And these traditions are the identity of that nation.

  1. In some regions, it is a practice to wish for good luck and write all such wishes on a paper. And then keep them in a jar.
  2. In country, Russia, it is a tradition to celebrate eve of new year by decorating tree with new lights. And believing it as the source of peace, charm and luck.

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