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How to use press release to market your business

Press releases have proved their worth over the past years and have come a long way in the business marketing world. It is an effective method to market small or large business and can help in building a good reputation in the market and attract additional business opportunities too. But how can any business utilize a press release to market their business smartly?


Researchers and studies show that a business with larger media attention has the ability to drive in more business and also stays at the upper hand in industrial competition. Having media attention makes you an expert in the minds of your clients. It is the best ever perk that you can attain as it separates you from the pack of “startup businesses”. Press releases in all have the ability to bring in millions of profits. It won’t happen overnight but it definitely has the capacity to do so.

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It might sound rude but in the world of smartphones, all the people who bash Apple are still somehow dumbfounded by it. The fact that unless you are Apple, nobody really gives a damn about you is really true. The fact that Apple has a very strong press release force is indisputable. Their tiny little announcement or new features becomes a major hit and that is because they have eyes of all media upon them. No doubt, it has taken years for Apple to reach a point where media has laid eyes on them 24/7, waiting for something new to pop up. But, it is all because of smart media interaction and obviously, well-written press releases too.

Many people assume that only a BIG NEWS is supposed to be published through a press release. You can still use a press release, even when you do not have a huge headline to make. It is all about how you are delivering your statement. It is not about the size of your statement. If you have made a small achievement, you can share that too with the media, through a press release. Just make sure that whatever you are sharing is worthy. Moreover, press releases are also used to bring solutions to some of the most faced troubles by consumers. Solving customer problems is a huge thing and it definitely pays off. It makes the customers think that they matter and they are automatically generated towards it. Thus, it is not really important that you must make huge news through a press release.

The best way to use a press release is to think like a media person. To be honest, who cares out there? Everyone will care only when something interests them. This is where you are put to challenge while you are sketching out your press release. Your headline is the eye catcher here. You need to put your words in such an intriguing manner, that it automatically raises the curiosity of the reader and they are eager to dig deeper into the story. The headline is the deal maker or breaker for you.

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At the end, a press release is a great marketing tool. There is no doubt that technological advancements have flourished amazingly over time and there are so many different ways to gather attention. But keep in mind that old ways don’t die that easy. With so many revolutions, a press release now has more power as it can be written more effectively and can bring in more attention too.



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